Career Week

2016 Sigma Chi Career Week

The week of October 3-7, 2016, was quite significant in Iota Iota happenings. Under the leadership and direction of Brother Bill Stiers ’87, an innovative, career information program was devised so that interested brothers of our chapter could discuss their career plans with well-established and successful Sigma Chis that passed through the portals of the country’s most noted and recognized fraternity.


A key administrator in the UA Career Office could not remember a program of this nature originating and coordinated through the Greek system. Her comment was, “I hope it continues and we can help.”


Comments and suggestions concerning Sigma Chi Career Week 2016 were made at Bill’s request from our participating brothers, who donated their time to help make the entire week a real success. The following is a compilation of the comments and suggestions offered by our outstanding Sigma Chi advisers.


General Comments

  • “Thanks, Bill, for the initiative and coordination in making such a program possible.
  • “I wish this had been available when I was in college!”
  • “This idea, in time, may become a tool for recruitment.”
  • Our chapter members and pledges were “very impressive, motivated, and inquisitive.”
  • The brothers offered “good questions” and were “well focused.”
  • One of our advisers stated that two parents contacted him following his advising day to say “thanks.”
  • Career Week afforded one of our advisers a clearer view of how we can “connect the dots” in order to offer coordinated networking.
  • This concept should be “spread across the country.”
  • Our chapter may want to use the UA Career Center more efficiently.
  • Our brothers may want to consider part-time jobs while at UA. He stated that work history in college is quite valuable.


A comment made by a career adviser in the University of Alabama Career Office stated, “These type of activities demonstrate what fraternities, sororities, clubs, and other organizations can do collaboratively to better educate our students.”


Suggestions Prior to Advisers Meeting with Chapter Members and Pledges

Could advisers be apprised of the following information prior to Career Week?

  • Name of the brother or pledge, address, and e-mail
  • Hometown of the brother (proximity of other brothers in the same field could be beneficial)
  • Field(s) of study
  • Personal interests
  • Career interests/aspirations
  • Anticipated year of graduation
  • Brother or pledge? (Certain pledges were not wearing their pledge pin)


Suggestions Prior to Advisers Meeting with Chapter Members and Pledges

Appropriate chapter personnel may want to stress the following points to other brothers and pledges:

  • Make sure you show-up for the advising session (some “no-shows” occurred).
  • Send advisers who met with you a thank-you note.
  • Let the advisers who have graciously come know if you want to stay in touch.
  • Discuss ways of collectively utilizing the resources that advising brothers have to offer.


Suggestions Following Career Week

  • Survey the chapter brothers and pledges to see what they feel would make the experience more successful


General Suggestions toward the Enhancement of Career Awareness

  • Utilize UA internship offerings/devise a chapter shadowing program
  • Practice the art of interviewing through the UA mock interview program
  • Develop, if not already in existence, an ongoing monthly career program (possible speakers)
  • Help brothers and pledges prepare and enhance resumes
  • Develop a public speaking forum to help our brothers perfect the art of verbal communication
  • Work with UA personnel or sororities in the formation of etiquette classes (e.g. table manners and interpersonal communication
  • Create an understanding of the importance of health and disability insurance, as well as an established retirement program (note money management seminar below)
  • Conduct within the fraternity or the UA Career Center a time management program where its importance in college, career development, and life-long planning is stressed


Suggestions Beyond Career Awareness

  • Utilize the UA Counselor Education Department toward the possible creation of a seminar or non-graded course stressing family and personal development, avoidance of drug issues and female abuse (proactive program)
  • Creation of a money management seminar for our brothers and pledges
    • Staying out of debt
    • Creation of a budget
    • 401Ks, 403Bs, etc.


All participating advising brothers thought that the Sigma Chi Career Week in October 2016 was quite successful and will participate in future years. As one advising brother said, “this is only the beginning.”


As you scroll down the page, you will see various bits of information geared toward ensuring your success in the professional world, including: choosing a major, determining a career path, writing a resume, interviewing, and more. Please take some time to review this information. We wish you the best of luck!

What Career are You Considering

Personality Assessment

You and Your Career!


MCAT Fact Sheet

  1. Review MCAT information on: org/mcat2015
  2. MCAT now has four subtests of which three determine your overall score.
    1. Natural Sciences Test
    2. Social Sciences Test
    3. Behavioral Sciences Test
  3. Scoring: Each section’s scores range from a 118 to a 132, so the total ranges from 472 to 528. A 125 is the 50th percentile, or 500 is for the three tests.
  4. Your report will include the above, plus a “Competence Band” which will profile your strengths.
  5. Scores are released approximately a month after testing (January-September)
  6. Review Methods
    1. Princeton Review
    2. Kaplan Review
    3. Examkrackers



You can do a lot! Here are a few fields to consider:

Social Service

  • Corrections
  • Counseling
  • Casework
  • Probations and Parole
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Criminologist


Judiciary and Law

  • Court Recording
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Research
  • Juvenile Justice


Law Enforcement

  • Patrolling
  • Investigating
  • Forensics
  • Security
  • Park Police
  • Narcotics Bureaus
  • Liquor control Boards
  • State Police



  • Private Security
  • Consulting
  • Global Intelligence
  • Internet Security
  • Loss and Prevention



  • Teaching


What Can I Do With a Major in Math Nursing Biology



This checklist assumes that the application process begins during the junior year of college and admission to law school will be during the fall term, following May graduation. Please check with the law schools in which you plan to apply for the exact dates of each of the following activities:


Junior Year:  September

Check Completion

  • ___ View different catalogs and directories of various law schools


  • ___ Start preparation for the June LSAT (Law School Aptitude Test)



  • ___ Register for the June LSAT.
  • ___ Start a list of faculty members whom you wish to write letters of reference for you.
  • ___ Begin a correspondence file.


  • ___ Take the LSAT exam.
  • ___ Prepare a draft of your “Personal Statement” and have it reviewed by various

faculty members

  • ___ Prepare a draft of your resume.
  • ___ Create a list of law schools to which you plan to apply.


  • ___ Register with the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS).
  • ___ Have college transcripts sent to LSDAS.
  • ___ Request information packets from law schools.
  • ___ Visit law schools.
  • ___ If necessary, register and prepare for the October LSAT.


Senior Year:   September

  • ___ Order the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) catalog and application or

          complete an electronic version.

  • ___ Finish writing your “Personal Statement”.
  • ___ Update your resume.
  • ___ Ask faculty for “Letters of Recommendation”.
  • ___ Ask an employer or a professional acquaintance for a reference.
  • ___ Request financial aid information


  • ___ If needed, take the October LSAT.
  • ___ Finalize your “Personal Statement” and have it reviewed by faculty and lawyers.
  • ___ Finalize your “Letters of Recommendation”.
  • ___ Complete the LSDAS report.
  • ___ Make sure all law school applications have been completed and mailed.


  • ___ Send completed applications to law schools.
  • ___ Obtain applications for financial aid.


  • ___ Contact law schools to confirm the completion of your application.


  • ___ Have an updated transcript sent to the various law schools and LSDAS.
  • ___ Submit completed financial aid forms.
  • ___ Prepare for interviews.

 February –April

  • ___ Evaluate offers of acceptance.
  • ___ Submit an acceptance letter to the law school of your choice.
  • ___ Submit rejection letters to the law schools that you will not attend.

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